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Reliable Contract Broaching Services With Breakdown & Call Out Services


Elmass Internal Keywayas is a division of G & O Kert P/L. We operate a highly specialized contract broaching workshop. We broach internal keyways, splines, hexagons and many other shapes in blind bores and through holes. We are equipped with the latest elmass® broaching technology and work with most materials used in aerospace, general engineering, food processing, medical and chemical applications.

As an additional service we supply complete parts machined to your specifications. We work to ISO 9002 Quality Standards and offer a fast turnaround at competitive rates.

The slide show presents some typical parts that we have broached recently:

Our Competitive Advantage and Our Capabilities

Elmass Workshop

The elmass ® Technology is based on guided broaching tools and vertical broaching machines. It offers many advantages and eliminates common problems such as misalignment of the keyway as well as vibration or deflection of the cutting tool which are associated with conventional broaching and slotting machines.

We are equipped with 4 NC controlled elmass® broaching machines to broach internal keyways and splines within the following specifications in metric or imperial standards:

  • Cutter width: 2mm to 36mm
  • Keyway length: max. 650mm
  • Spline length: max. 500mm
  • Bore Diameter: 6mm to 150mm, larger bore sizes on request
  • max. work piece height: 650mm
  • max. work piece width: 800mm

We carry a wide range of standard tools to broach keyway and splines. Not frequently used shapes and sizes can be made to order within a few days.

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