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Efficient Broaching Technology for Keyways, Involute & Straight Sided Splines


The patented elmass® Technology is based on 4 key components:

Guided single tooth broaching tools with a life cutting tip are designed to broach internal keyways and splines of exceptional quality in through holes and blind holes. The tools are self-centering and force the cutting tip to be at a 90 degree angle to the bore.

The eccentric guide bush inhibits any deflection of the tool bar. This results in a keyway or spline, that maintains an accurate depth over the entire length of the cut. It is ideal to broach very long keyways or splines in small bore sizes.

A range of tool bars for different applications makes the system very versatile. This includes tool bars for through bores, blind bores and mass production.

The  elmass® push broaches can be used in elmass® Vertical Broaching Machines as well as in any machine that makes a linear movement (e.g. pedestal drill, lathe, slotting machine, shaper).

Defined cutter geometry of the single tooth cutter offers an unrestricted design of shapes. This makes the  elmass® Broaching Tools ideal to cut internal keyways, involute or straight sided splines, hexagons as well as many other shapes.

The unique shape of the cutters enables them to be re-sharpened many times without losing their shape or tolerance.

Purpose formulated cutting oil lubricates the guide bush and cutter during the broaching process, protecting the cutter from overheating. It also acts as a rust inhibitor for a reasonably long time.

Vertical Broaching Machines designed to operate the elmass® push broaches in the most effective way. The NC controlled broaching machines are offered with a wide range of options. This makes them ideal for the mass production of keyways and splines and very flexible for jobbing applications.

Resulting Advantages:

Animation cutter movement on machine

Because the cutters are supported at the point of cutting, the cutting forces generated are unable to deflect the tool bar. Instead, the cutting forces self center the eccentric guide bush in the bore. This results in a very smooth cutting stroke without any vibration. The design of the elmass® broaching tools ensures the finished keyway has a uniform depth over the entire length of the bore

The elmass® system can be adapted to meet almost any application by matching the tool bar, guide bush and cutter. The guide bushes and cutters are interchangeable so for example, an imperial keyway can be broached in a metric bore with ease. Matching the shape of the cutter with the appropriate tool bar and guide bush allows broaching keyways, splines, hexagons and many other shapes.

The precision ground tips, which have a highly defined geometrical shape, are cut with zero clearance. We carry a large range of standard tools in H9, P9 and JS9 tolerances. Tools of any other shape or tolerance can be made to your requirements within a few days.

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