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Special Broaching Machines For Keyways, Involute & Straight Sided Splines

The modular design concept of our machines as well as the flexibility of our tools allow our design engineers to adapt our machines to a very wide range of applications.

Such applications can be the integration of the machines into a production line as demonstrated in the picture on the right. This machine automatically clamps a body into position and broaches thereafter 8 keyways simultaneously into it.

Similar integrations can be done by letting fixtures being precisely positioned on a carousel that travels through the centre of the broaching machines. Such carousels have usually a manual loading and unloading station. Alternatively they are purpose built stand alone machine to fulfil a dedicated task such as broaching a spline into a tapered bore of a pitman arm, machines with dual heads for mass production or machines that have exchangeable work tables with hydraulic clamping mechanisms for the mass production of different parts.





P20 – 250 NC Extra wide, fully enclosed,  with NC-controlled cross table for the production of multiple keyways on a plate.

This machine operates in Germany.



P20-250 NC with exchangeable work tables. Each work table contains an integrated clamping mechanism for parts. 

This machine operates in Mexico.              



P36-700 NC – Dual Head. For mass production of indexed keyways. The options integrated cross table, NC-Turn Table and Air Blow are included.

This machine operates in Australia.





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