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Fast & Efficient P36-700 NC 3-axis Broaching Machine For Large Parts

The P36-700 NC 3-axis machine is a purpose built, fast production machine.

It was originally purchased to mass produce indexed keyways in smaller parts. It has therefore many application specific options such as two broaching heads, purpose built clamping stations, an air purge system to clean the cutters after each cycle and an inverter for the hydraulic pump that increases the return speed of the cylinder significantly.

The machine was deliberately overdesigned for its initial application. As the mass production contract has now expired, the machine is used now as a multi-purpose machine to broach up to 650mm long keyways or up to 500mm long splines.

Recent applications include:


Mass production of indexed keyways.The 2 broaching heads broach the left and right keyway, whilst the clamped stack can be re-stocked. The 4th station is idle during production.






3/4″ Keyway in impeller



300mm long 8mm keyway in 32mm bore


Application P36-1

Small spline




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