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NC-controlled 2 axis Broaching Machine – P4-500 AFX

The P4-500 AFX is our oldest broaching machine with an active stroke of 500mm and can use up to 36mm wide cutters. This machine is designed for flexibility. Its work table is horizontally adjustable and allows us to use all 4 tool sets on it.

It has 2 oil tanks that we switch for different applications. One tank is exclusively used to work with cast iron, the other tank is used for all other materials.

We use this 2-axis machine mainly to broach keyways in cast iron parts. However by mounting a manual turn table splines, hexagons and many other shapes can be broached on it as well.

The control system allows us to program all usual parameters like feed, speed, cutter advance and retract. But unlike the other machines it allows also the pressure to be set, which is a great advantage when working with delicate parts.


Recent applications include:

P4 Blind Spline

Small spline in blind bore

Square on P4

250mm long square 40AF


160mm long square in plastic

Pump on P4

3/4″ keyway in impeller

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