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Fast P10 – 200 NC Broaching Machine For Cutting Keyways & Splines In Smaller Parts


This very fast low cost broaching machine is the ideal solution to mass produce up to 10mm wide keyways and splines in smaller parts. This machine is optimized for speed.

Our P10-200-NC simplifies broaching of keyways and splines in through holes and blind bores. Its combination of the latest control technology with highly dynamic, guided positioning systems results in extremely accurate keyways and splines with an optimal surface finish. Our standard tolerances are H9 / P9 / JS9.

Designed for speed and flexibility either in mass production or small batches the P10-200-NC Broaching Machine precisely broaches 2mm to 10mm wide and up to 200mm long internal keyways, splines and other internal profiles.

The P10-200 broaching machine has very small dimensions: 600x750x2200mm.

Easy Programming – no NC Code required

An embedded system controls all the machine functions. The programming is operator-friendly via a 15’’ touch screen. Easily-interpretable icons interactively request the few necessary input parameters (e.g. bore diameter, keyway width, and cutting depth)  step-by-step. If required, these values can be optimized manually at any time.

Positioning and operating

A highly dynamic electrical motor positions the cutter automatically. The predetermined machining parameters automatically set broaching and retracting speed, cutting pressure, cutter feed and retraction. The parameters can be adapted manually in fine steps to match any requirements.

Broaching Tools

The P10-200-NC Broaching Machine is purposely designed to operate the patented elmass® broaching system. All elmass® broaching tools are available in metric and imperial sizes. All metric and imperial components are interchangeable, thus minimizing tooling costs without compromising flexibility. Combining both the P10-200-NC Broaching Machine and the elmass® broaching system with its guided life tools results in the longest life and the highest performance and cost effectiveness in the hardest production environments.


Stroke for manual displacement: 400mm
Stroke for automatic displacement: 200mm
Cross table: integrated, manual
Parts diameter 300mm max.
Max. pressure: 10kN, fixed setting
Max cutting / retracting speed: 12 m/min. / 20m/min. , infinitely variable
Frame dimensions L x W x H: 650 x 750 x  2200mm
Net weight: 600kg
Programming: Interactive touch-screen, no NC code required
Language: English, German, French, Dutch
Electric Connections: 3 x 400VAC + E, 50/60Hz, 5kW
Pneumatic connection: none
  • NC – dividing table
  • Tool Changer
  • Automatic Door
  • Others on request
Technical specifications: subject to change and are not contractual

Demonstration: P10-200NC – 3axis with automatic door

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