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E-Tools For De-burring of Keyways, Involute & Straight Sided Splines

For larger production runs we use our “E”-Tools. The name “E”-Tools derives from the German Word Entgratfase which means that the tools have the capability of de-burring the keyway or spline in the last few cuts.

The cutters are much wider, longer and deeper than the standard cutters. This allows them to be custom designed for many specific applications such as oversized keyways and special shapes, just to name a few.

Both, the tool bars and cutters are individually designed to match your application.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Tool Type 06 Cutter W x H Tool Type 11 Cutter WxH Tool Type 24 Cutter WxH
Ø= 9.7mm 5x7mm Ø=11.0mm 6x8mm Ø=23.7mm 11x13mm
Ø= 10.0mm 5x7mm Ø=11.7mm 6x8mm Ø=27.0mm 11x13mm
Ø=10.7mm 5x7mm Ø=12.0mm 6x8mm Ø=27.7mm 11x13mm
Ø=11.0mm 5x7mm Ø=12.7mm 6x8mm Ø=25.0mm 11x13mm
Ø=13.0mm 6x8mm
Ø=13.0mm 6x8mm Ø=27.7mm 12x14mm
Ø=13.7mm 6x8mm Ø=28.0mm 12x14mm
Ø=14.0mm 6x8mm Ø=29.7mm 12x14mm
Ø=30.0mm 12x14mm
Ø=17.7mm 7x9mm
Ø=15.0mm 7x9mm Ø=31.7mm 14x16mm
Ø=15.7mm 7x9mm Ø=32.0mm 14x16mm
Ø=16.0mm 7x9mm Ø=34.7mm 14x16mm
Ø=16.7mm 7x9mm Ø=35.0mm 14x16mm
Ø=17.0mm 7x9mm Ø=35.7mm 14x16mm
Ø=36.0mm 14x16mm
Ø=17.7mm 8x10mm
Ø=18.0mm 8x10mm Ø=37.7mm 16x18mm
Ø=18.7mm 8x10mm Ø=38.0mm 16x18mm
Ø=19.0mm 8x10mm Ø=39.7mm 16x18mm
Ø=19.7mm 8x10mm Ø=40.0mm 16x18mm
Ø=20.0mm 8x10mm Ø=41.7mm 16x18mm
Ø=21.0mm 8x10mm Ø=42.0mm 16x18mm
Ø=20.7mm 9x11mm Ø=44.7mm 18x20mm / 20x22mm
Ø=21.0mm 9x11mm Ø=15.0mm 18x20mm / 20x22mm
Ø=21.7mm 9x11mm Ø=47.7mm 18x20mm / 20x22mm
Ø=22.0mm 9x11mm Ø=48.0mm 18x20mm / 20x22mm
Ø=23.0mm 9x11mm Ø=49.7mm 18x20mm / 20x22mm
Ø=50.0mm 18x20mm / 20x22mm


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