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Internal Keyways & Spline Broaching Machines For Blind Holes & Through Bores



Elmass Internal Keyways is a division of G & O Kert P/L. We broach all keyways and splines exclusively on the elmass® NC-controlled broaching machines. These compact broaching  machines are built to fully utilize the advantages of the guided elmass® broaching tools.

The P10-200 NC, P20-250 NC and the P36-NC vertical broaching machines are sold in a two axis or three axis configuration. The very versatile machines have a small foot print and are easy to commission. The machines are built on a modular concept that allows them to be adapted to specific applications as shown below.

All machines are equipped with a user friendly touch screen for easy programming. The interactive touch screen panel makes it easy to enter the required basic information such as bore diameter, keyway width, keyway depth, actual position of cutting tool as well as feeds and speeds. No NC-code is required.

From the few entered key variables the machine calculates all required machining parameters automatically. All parameters can be optimized manually if required.

To meet your specific production requirements our machines can be enhanced with many options:

Tool assembly for broaching machines

All the two axis broaching machines can be upgraded with an optional elmass® NC-turntable at any time. The elmass® NC-turntables are especially designed to withstand the high impact load generated by the broaching process. The  elmass® NC-turntables can be modified to work on other machines on request.

The optional integrated cross table simplifies the positioning of parts and is especially useful for jobbing shops. This cross table moves the entire work table directly without sacrificing any vertical dimension.

The optional hand wheel simplifies the set up process and gives the opertor control of all axis where ever he stands.

The list of other options includes automatic clamping, air blow to clean the cutter after broaching, automatic doors as well as automatic tool changers amongst others.

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