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We Solve your Broaching Problems

Internal Keyway & Spline Broaching Services In Brisbane & QLD, Australia

We cut keyways, splines, serrations, hexagons and other internal shapes in through bores and blind holes to your specifications.

Elmass (Australia) Pty Ltd has set its sights on becoming the supplier of choice in the Rotable Asset Industry that it serves. We specialize in high precision internal keyways, splines, hexagon and special shapes in through holes and blind bores that are up to 650mm long.

We sell and service elmass ® broaching machines and broaching tools.

We work to ISO 9002 Quality Standards and offer exceptional quality as well as a fast and reliable turnaround at competitive rates.

Fast & reliable contract broaching serviceOur Competitive Advantage

With 4 NC-controlled broaching machines we provide a fast and reliable contract broaching service.

Our patented tools are guided at the point of cutting. This offers many advantages that eliminate common problems such as misalignment of the keyway as well as vibration or deflection of the tool bar which are associated with conventional broaching and slotting machines.

We broach up to 650mm long internal keyways and up to 500mm long splines and other shapes in bores from ø6mm to ø150mm.

We design customer specific cutters, tools and fixtures to meet your requirements.


Reliable Contract Broaching Services WithBreakdown & Call Out Services

  • We are a highly specialized engineering workshop. Our main business is contract broaching of internal keyways, splines, hexagons and many other shapes in blind bores and through holes.

  • We broach

    up to 650mm long internal keyways or up to 500mm long splines

    and offer a fast and reliable turnaround at competitive rates.

  • All our machines are based on self centering, guided broaching tools.

World wide sales and support from elmass ®

  • Elmass (Australia) P/L
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    Tel:  (+61) 07 3881 1919
    Fax: (+61) 07 3881 2323

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